We have over twenty years experience within the graphic design industry creating thought-provoking images to make you stand out from the crowd.

From copywriting bios through to cover artwork we have the expertise to create impactful designs that get you noticed.

The importance of having the ‘right’ artwork can often be overlooked by aspiring bands, there’s always someone in the band who will ‘have a go at it’, but your artwork says everything about toys. It’s your brand. It’s your identify.

Getting this right is just as important as getting that final snap on a crash cymbal correct in the mixing stage.

We’re always here to help, whether it’s being a critical friend, or designing your ‘brand’ from scratch, please feel free to give us a call on +44 (0) 7757 386798 to discuss your needs.

We have prices for every budget!


Youtube is one of the best marketing outlets for any band, whether you’re a mainstay of the industry or just starting out. Yet this is a medium that is often overlooked as bands and artists spend countless hours trying to improve their Spotify ranking (not that there’s anything wrong with Spotify – it’s just it’s not your only outlet!).

We have been making videos for quite a few years now and have worked with artists from all genres from rock and alternative, through to classical musicians and drum and bass. We can help you ‘storyboard’ your video so that it represents your idea from the lyric of your song or from the ‘vibe’ in your music. We need to get that right, and so do you!

Our staff are all musicians in their own right and so have the emotional connection that you require to make your video’s shine.

A sample video can be found at the foot of this page. Hope you like a bit of dance music…


We are passionate about music. We live and breathe it everyday…from writing and production through to final published releases. So we’ll help you to identify the best outlet’s for your music.

You’ll need to identify the best distributor, the best (and affordable) Public Relations, the best platform for your music.

We’ll guide you every step of the way to ensure that you have the right support sorted for your genre of music.

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We believe in the power of music. We believe in YOU!