Passion is never out of fashion

We’re passionate about music. We hope you are too? To be part of our growing roster you will need to demonstrate some artistic flair, want and crave success, be willing to take the rough with the smooth and always come back fighting.

We have worked with some trail blazers over the years and want to continue in this vein.

If you have something original, quirky or inspiring, drop us a line. From drum and bass, through to dance music and indie rock, we simply like a good tune!

Once we’ve picked it up, we never drop a ball!


What we do

We find talent and promote it. Pure and simple. We’ll help you on your musical journey by providing advice based upon years of experience within the music industry and nurture your talent every step of the way. We’ll help you with production techniques, mixing, mastering, artwork, promotion and distribution. If you want to be a success, we’ll push you all the way!

Our artists shimmer and shine in a world of drabness. Bring light where there is only dark and inspire through their unique and original approaches to music. If this sounds like you contact our A&R today on +44 (0)7757 386798

Metaphysical Beatroot

New talent

At Global Skies we are always looking out for new talent from the ‘alternative’ music scene. If you have what it takes to make a splash on the global music scene, then send in your demo’s today!

Email: attaching your mp3’s or include your download links with a brief bio of the artist/band and we’ll be in touch.

NOTE: We do receive hundreds of submissions, so don’t be offended if we’re some time in getting back to you.

We listen to ALL material sent in and will review your work on our website if of interest

Skyline EP

Voodoo Queen

Futures EP


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