We work with some of the best sound engineers around the globe to record your sound in all it’s glory.

Our dedicated team will find the best solutions to fit your soundscapes and lend a friendly here to help you make those adjustments to raise you ‘above the bar’.

With studio space available around the world, we can mix and match your needs where ever and when ever you are.

+44 (0)7757 386798

Mix and master

Using state of the art analogue and digital gear we will mix your sound to perfection giving it width, sparkle and the volumes to compete in the current market.

Loudness is often perceived as ‘best’, but we will help you make the right choices to promote and distribute your music around the world.

Mastering starts from as little as $10 per track and we’ll even through ┬áthe first one for free!

To discuss your mixing and mastering needs contact our studio manager, Paul on +44 (0)7757 38798 or email

Beats and polish

If you require any assistance with the production of your music from session musicians to collaborations, we are here to help. We have years of experience helping artists to tweak their sound and helping them to add depth and sheen to their final mixes.

Contact us on +44 (0)7757 386798 to identify how we can help.